Lighting up Sunset

It’s always cool to see your work on billboards or printed merchandise but late last week I got to watch the signage for our new A2G offices go up on Sunset Blvd.  This was A big step in the completion of our re-branded offices and a nostalgic moment for us as we begin to leave our mark on the city of Angels begging with our new offices overlooking the historic Chateau Marmont.

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Projects: James F. Goldstein for Buscemi

A few months ago I had the opportunity to go shoot the first release video for the Buscemi 1000MM alongside LAs own Atiba Jefferson.. Jon, Rob and I headed up into the Hills of Beverly to meet Atiba and the man him self, James Goldstein.  James Goldstein is to say the least, a man of mystery, most people couldn’t really tell you what he does or what his past consists of, most people don’t know why he dresses the way he does, or how he lives the life or an NBA superstar without ever having to pick up a basketball. But Rob seems to keep ending up in the same place as the man and made the connection that ended us up at what many people know as the Lebowski house, or in real life he Sheats Goldstein residence, the mans closet looks like the wardrobe of Zoolander, but he owns that shit, stands by it and is passionate about his clothing making for a great shoot and appropriate face of the Buscemi launch. I shot some video and snapped some of the stills below while Atiba shot the the portraits and promo photos and before we knew it we were done.  Enjoy.

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SpY “cameras” installation in Madrid

SpY recently completed an installation in Madrid titled “Cameras” which is a visual commentary on the ever expanding presence of surveillance in the modern world.


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stepping away

I heard someone say “I don’t make New Years resolutions because i’m in control of everything in my life already. I do whatever I want everyday”
Initially I thought thats cool,, this guy is controlling his life, taking it in to his own hands..
but then I began to think about New Years resolutions and why people do them and began to see them in a new light. New Years resolutions get a bad wrap because they’re cliche, but the general idea of taking time to step away and look at how you are living to see if there is something you can do or change to either make your life or others more positive is a humbling and inspiring thing to do.
For a long time I was in the mindset of being in control of my life and that I did whatever I wanted every day as well. I would never make resolutions and just live day by day doing what I believed was rite.  But more recently I’ve began to believe that, weather its Jan 1st or the middle of the summer you need to  take time to step away, reflect and create goals or resolutions. People do it in different ways, weather its through resolutions, some like to write lists, others just keep it in their mind, some etch that shit in stone, but no matter what you do, setting goals, reflecting or setting resolutions no matter what time of the year can help you reach all of your goals in the long run.
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Public Supply Notebooks


As a not only a product of public schooling and more importantly a product of public school arts programs I know the importance of the continual struggle to keep public school art programs in existence.  In New York City, between 2006 and 2010, funding for the arts was cut by a staggering eighty-five percent, just one of the countless cities across the country that have seen a drastic cut in funding for the arts.

As many people try to find a solution to keep these programs alive, the guys over at Public Supply have developed a collection of 5×8 notebooks and pencils that will be sold around the world and donate 25% of proceeds to arts education in America. Taking a similar model Toms shoes and many other brands with a donation based arm, Public Supply was started by a group of friends within the creative industries and will try to leverage the global creative industry to not only promote their cause but to be the catalysts to support the programs that are feeding the next generations of designers and creatives.

Using Donors Choose to locate schools with specific needs and directly take action to fill the funding gap, Public Supply has developed a system that allows you to go online to see exactly where your purchased helped out.

Keep up the good work PS and keep the arts alive in schools!

via: A continuous Lean

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Banksy prints at Walmart


Banksy is at it again, continuing to challenge the art world as a whole, this time by offering his art in a place most gallery dwelling hipsters and the few true art collectors in this world wouldn’t be caught dead buying anything let alone art, the pride of middle america and devils playground itself, Walmart.


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29 ways to stay creative

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Inside Sagmeister & Walsh

A long time Sagmeister fan and one of my biggest influences as a designer and thinker, I have always payed attention to what Mr. Sagmeister and now Miss Walsh are doing. I came across this posting on GBlog Which shows an inside look at their office. I love the OCD attention to the color of books bindings. 

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General Manufacturing : Wilson Keyring

I just came across this nifty little keyring made by General Manufacturing that is simple and smart.  While many people use carabiners for key rings, General Manufacturing took a slightly different approach with this brass key ring with an easy hook closure. They also make a pretty cool jump rope, so if you are a 12 year old girl, a boxer in training or just into that sort of thing, they got you covered.

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Speaking: Kean University

Last week I had the chance to take part in a panel discussion via Skype for the design department at Kean University in New Jersey. Seeing the continued passion and support for advancing design by the University and its students was really great feeling.  Thanks to my good friend and constant inspiration, professor Jason Alejandro who put everything together and got a well rounded group of designers from all areas of design including Neil Adelantar, Rich Arnold, Mike Boos, Luis Guillen, Dilek Katgi and myself.

Its always nice to get to sit down with a group of peers and feed off of one another in a discussion, but to be able to do that while answering questions from the next generation of designers was a great opportunity.  I know what these kind of events did for me as a designer when I was coming up in terms of inspiration and direction and hope that we at least helped and inspired at least a little bit on this great night.  We spoke about, portfolio preparation, internships, freelance, stress, clients and got to see what the differences are from each of the designers on the panel. but in the end, it seemed to boil down to being creative, knowing the task at hand and approaching it creatively with what skills you are good at and be on “brand”.  So if you are submitting your portfolio to a pharma agency, you want it to appeal to them and their brand or work.  Never be afraid to fail or for someone to tell you no they arn’t going to hire you  just take their criticism as a positive and move on to the next one stronger than you were previously.  Be patient and learn the basics, even if you are planning on breaking the rules, learn them first so you can then break them with a meaning and reason and lastly, never stop learning.
Thanks to all the students and professionals that came out! Thanks to Kean University Design Dept, Jason Alejandro and Rose Gonnella for holding it down and hopefully  you took something positive away from the night!
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Review: NH T2 Mexico City

When I fly out of Mexico City, I usually try to avoid the traffic on the day of a flight by staying in the city the night before or at the airport itself in the NH Hotel.  More Popular in Europe, the NH is a modern minimalistic boutique style hotel that fits my need perfectly. The NH T2 Mexico fits seamlessly into the design of the Mexico City airport allowing you to forget you’re even in an airport in the first place.  With modern amenities and easy access to terminal 2, The NH feel like home for me while eliminating the worry of fighting a Mexican traffic jam in DF to make a flight.

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Adidas America

I got the chance to travel up to Portland to meet with some folks at Adidas America a few weeks ago.

As we left the hotel in cold industrial downtown Portland, rain and snow began to fall, turning an already gross December day into pure meteorological diarrhea.

Besides that, Portland seemed like a really nice quaint city.

But, we weren’t here to see Portland, we were here to visit a German sportswear implant that has set up shop on the outskirts of this small cold town and set its sights on global sports domination.

As we pulled into the Adidas America campus the rain began to turn to snow transforming the landscape of modern architecture and woodland backdrop into what felt like an eastern European center for design and innovation, making me forget that we were even in America, let alone Portland.

After we handled our business, we got to spend a little time playing with their brand new jersey customizer which they debuted the day before, allowing you to get a custom jersey on the spot. Knowing that Adidas is the kit sponsor for Real Madrid, I headed straight to the football section and grabbed their champions league forest green kit, filled out the paperwork and a few minutes later had my official Madridista Senna jersey for the ride home.

Although brief, this visit left me with no question of why Adidas continues to be such a strong force in the global athletics game and hopefully I’ll be back soon for a longer visit!

Until then, stay lovely Potland.

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