Tobias Keene : Black is the Beauty of the Brightest Day


Los Angeles, CA – LeBasse Projects is proud to announce ‘Black is the Beauty of the Brightest Day’, a solo exhibition by Los Angeles based artist Tobias Keene.

In his first major gallery show in 6 years and first solo exhibit at LeBasse Projects, Tobias Keene’s new works delve into the themes of ceremony, beauty and reliquary. As Keene suggests, “I’m fascinated by deconstructing known images and reworking them into ceremonial context.”

This deconstruction can be seen in his painting “The Faithful” depicting a girl jumping rope high above an altar in front of a cathedral rose window. The altar itself becomes the hidden element of the piece. In other works, sad and haunting portraits urge us to question the intentions behind their made up faces.  Once again Keene uses these as examples of iconic images and ceremonies that evoke an emotion in when we realize the beauty created in these images is purely for pleasure.

Keene’s new work continues to explore these themes in his solo exhibition – doing so in a series of large-scale oil paintings equal parts aesthetically, technically and emotionally beautiful.

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