Love+Work: Steven Brower

This is the first in a series we are calling Love and Work. Like the Goodfolk series, I looked at what makes my life good, or positive. At a young age my parents taught me to make sure I love what I do, so I focused on that and decided that because most of my peers and friends love what they do, I’m going to ask them what exactly they love about it!

Steven Brower is a graphic designer and author, his work has been recognized by the likes of the A.I.G.A., the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and The Smithsonian just to name a few.
I was lucky enough to have Steven as a professor for a class called Design Studio, in which I took twice specifically because of him. His guidance and knowledge of design and the craft are something that forever will impact me as a designer and creative.
Steven was in California speaking at the Art Institue in San Bernardino so I caught up with him to shoot the first installment. Enjoy!

View Stevens work at

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