Shepard Fairey Paints Asbury Park

Growing up in New Jersey, Asbury Park was always this ghost of a place that you only heard stories about. When I was about 15 my cousins and I started skating a park by the name of Casino Pier skate park in Asbury Park. Casino Pier was a skatepark literally built in an old casino, so you had ramps built around pillars and the already existing structure of this casino. Because of this, it created one of the strangest parks I had ever skated, but also one of the most interesting visually and really challenged your creativity as a skater to utilize the unique set ups.  As with most of things in Asbury Park, Casino Pier closed and has inevitably melted back into the landscape of some of the most beautiful old empty structures running along the beaches of Asbury Park that once was a place that you can only now see on TV shows like Boardwalk Empire.

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