Type Mural By Bryan Todd and Kirby Todd

By Bryan Todd and Kirby Todd

“I was commissioned to do a mural in the heart of the Highlands neighborhood, here in Louisville, Ky. It’s an area that stretches a few miles, full of locally owned independent restaurants, boutiques, record shops and more. I wanted to do something big and bold that would pop off the existing flat black brick. When I got the green light, I pulled in Kirby Stafford to sling the paint. Kirby builds hot rods and does custom pinstriping and sign lettering here in Kentucky, and knew he could bring the design to life. All he used was a yardstick, stick of chalk and a piece of paper of the layout, and had it done in under 48 hrs. I’m more than pleased with the end result. The type pops right off the wall, and fits quite nicely in the neighborhood.”


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