Jamie Marx Spring Preview

Ive been slowly but surely working on the spring re-launch of the Jamie Marx line.. I just got my box of goods in the mail and thought I will give you all a quick preview before we release the full line.. The full line plus a few online exclusive color ways will be available in our web store in the next few weeks..

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  1. Hey Matt- Is the journey of the journeyman an ode to your Dad? It is pretty catchy. I like the Tee shirt with the big eye. Hope you are well.
    Mrs. P

    • You know it! Good connection! The name and the idea of the whole thing was really inspired by him.. Theres a whole lot more aspects of the project to come too! Lots more video and if I can get richy to agree to get on camera again hopefully you will see a special project with him, but as you probably know hes not the biggest fan of being on camera! Maybe you can put in a good word! thanks for checking it out hope you like it! Hope all is well with you and the fam!

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