Rodrigo y Gabriela @ The Hollywood Palladium

This past Saturday The Hollywood Palladium was blessed with the presence of two of my favorite musicians, Rodrigo y Gabriela.  The dynamic duo hit the stage backed by C.U.B.A. to perform jams from their album “Area 52” and other songs from their 11:11 album and self-titled debut.

This was the second time I have had the privilege of seeing Rodrigo y Gabriella perform live and if you have the chance, I suggest you go. As long as you enjoy music, guitars, watching and listening to people do things with guitars that will blow your mind, that sort of thing, you will enjoy their show.  The duo compliment each other like milk and cookies while Gabriela jams out with knuckle slaps that make it look like she has no bones in her hand, Rodrigo rocks out mean rifts that will make your ears bleed with happiness.

One of the things that really makes these concerts enjoyable is the pure enjoyment that the duo have while playing. Their chemistry, respect and admiration for one another radiates a sense of unity that gives the crowd a great energy.

Their tickets are usually fairly cheap while they are available so if they are playing around you, take your lady out for the night and check them out.

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