Live Aqua Mexico


I miss this place. Nestled on the Caribbean coast of Mexico in a town known as Cancun, Live Aqua is a unique getaway in a town known in much of America for its madness and meatheads. This isn’t the Cancun you have seen on MTV, Its a modern, relaxing quiet and beautiful Cancun. With 3 restaurants at the hotel including one fine dining establishment you never have to leave the confines of Aqua if you chose. at this point I would normally describe the best french toast I have had in my life, but they have decided to change the chef and restaurant (formerly Mb) so I will refrain as I don’t want to get anyone to excited (including myself) to only have them (or myself) travel to Mexico in search of it only to find out that it will never be found again.

The rooms have quality toilet phones, great views, comfortable beds, tubs and separate showers so for the little time I spent in mine, it was more than satisfactory. The modern architecture against the beach and wizardly blue water creates one hell of an atmosphere for relaxing after a ridiculously amazing massage, which you can conveniently get at their spa if you feel so inclined to.

Overall this place is great if you feel like getting away and relaxing a bit. The food is good at all the restaurants, the spa is great, the pools and beach are beautiful as long as you can get a seat and the people are kind enough to give you a hand massage when ever you want. (I didn’t experience it, but everyone I was with did) If you do make your way down to Live Aqua, I recommend getting a suite that gives you access to the lounge on the 12th floor which is a great place to meet up before dinner or just kick it and watch some ESPN while sippin on some drinks.

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