Thank you Hillman Curtis!

Yesterday, we lost someone special. A true pioneer of creativity and a modern day renesance man, Hillman Curtis.
I first heard of Hilman in college while working on a site and video project with my friend Chet who was studying interactive design in Philadelphia and had the pleasure of meeting him. His vision, style and ability to communicate raw human emotion had a big influence on my work at that time and helped me become the designer and creative I am today.

While he was a pioneer in many areas of graphic design, new media and film, many people dont realize that Hillman is responsible for a lot of the video styles that have become popular in the modern day DSLR and Internet lifestyle video genre.. His “video portraits” and lifestyle videos were made popular through his artist series where he profiled some of the great artists, designers and thinkers of our time. His style can be seen everywhere from small film makers such as Jake Davis and The Selby all the way up to broadcast television shows such as Travel channels No Reservations.

His ability to communicate stories through his work in the most basic form across a wide range of platforms is something that set Hillman apart. He has influenced countless designers and film makers alike and has left his mark on the world with his work. I can only say that I wish I had the chance to meet Hillman myself, and I will always be thankful the influence he has had on my work and his vision will last forever through his influence on the world.
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