Target Shops: The Webster Miami

A few years ago while on a sales trip to Miami, I was told by a few accounts to go to “The Webster” on Collins. Not knowing what it was, I took a trip to check it out but quickly realized they address of the webster was to an old Hotel called the webster and the doors were not opened..  So I saw a few guys standing on the porch of the building a few doors down and went to ask them if they knew anything about it. as I walk towards them a big body guard looking guy starts to approach me and I begin to ask him if he knew where the webster was, as I finished my question, a familiar looking guy turns around and says yea they are in a temporary space down the street until they finish the build out next door.. Then I realized it was Pusha T from the Clipse and Pharrell. So i said thanks and ventured down to their temporary space.. As I walked in, I felt like I was in a beach cabin owned by the editor of Vogue, Trussardi, YSL, Givenchy and Lanvin pieces were sprawled across the floor..and a young french salesman walked up to me and asked if he could help me..  as I began to tell him about my line, one of the partners walked up and began to speak with me about what I was doing and I gave him a few pieces before leaving..
Keeping in contact through Email and visiting every time I returned to Miami and sending some pieces now and then, I grew a friendship with the people at the Webster and have gotten some of the best advice in the fashion industry from them. So when I heard that Target had chosen to do a collection with them, I couldnt think of a better, more humble group of people for them to work with and am honored to call them friends.Watching The Webster go from a small temporary store to working with one of the most progressive big box stores in the states has influenced my career in so many ways and now it will hopefully influence many other young designers as well..
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