America fuck yea.

I headed back east earlier this month for the 4th of July, some family celebration and all around mayhem. I got to spend some quality time at the real Jersey Shore (or at least the one I grew up knowing) Long Beach Island after spending some time visiting a few friends in NY and shooting a little video in the shop. If you have never been to Long Beach Island, I suggest that you check it out if you want to experience what the Jersey Shore once was before Sea Side and a certain MTV show gave the entire states coastline a black eye by exposing the idiocy that take place in all of about 1 mile stretch of it known as Sea Side Heights. Now I cant deny that I have spent time in the Sea Side area during the summers of old as it was the closest beach to where I grew up only about 45 mins  away vs. the 2 hours that it took to get to LBI.. Having friends whos familes owned houses in the seaside area and being able to find houses that will rent to 15 year olds also helped the cause of getting us to Sea Side. If you’re looking for parties, drunken rampages, slutty young girls and needles in the sand you can make your way down to seaside for the night, but if you want to experience a quiet day at the beach with a BBQ and some high lifes (or scotch) at sunset then LBI the place to be.

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