Hala Madrid!

A few weeks ago I got the chance to catch the LA Galaxy face off against one of my favorite teams in the world, Real Madrid. Last year I was on the east coast when the Madridistas took the stage in Los Angeles, but luckily I made it back west just in time for their match this year. I got some tickets rite behind the goal in hopes that it would be the more active of the two, and luckily I was rite.. I have been saying that I am going to make it out to Spain for a game soon, but since I havnt been able to, I figured this would be the closest thing for now. While the Galaxy have a solid team with some world class players, Madrid, quite possibly the best team in the world at the moment, were too much for them to handle. The difference in speed, precision, communication and all around ball skill really showed why La Liga and the European leagues are on another level.  Perhaps one day I will make it out to the Bernabeu for a game, but until then, the Home Depot Center filled with Madrid fans heckling the few Barca fans that showed up will have to do. Hala Madrid!

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