Carl & Margo

 In Highschool a friend of mine named Carl suffered a severe spinal cord injury during a wrestling match, no one could really comprehend what had happened initially because it was such a freak accident. at first, I didnt want to accept what had happened and avoided the topic entirely, until a few months later when I saw him for the first time. To see such an amazing talent and someone I looked forward to spending practically every day with during the next 2 summers playing baseball confined to a wheel chair was a painful reality of the situation, but when I got to speak with him for the first time and realized how positive he was being and noticed that he was actually making people feel better about his situation rather than them making him feel better, I asked him how he can stay so strong and he replied by saying “negativity wont help me in any way.” He then said it was really hard at first and that of corse he has times that are frustrating, but he tries to stay positive and look at this as his mission now to recover.
Last December a young girl by the name of Margo Gignac was paralyzed after the car she was plowed into a car dealership. I heard about this through mutual friends the night that it happened and as you can imagine, all of them were devastated. Anyone that knows her seemed to be entirely in shock about how something like this could happen to such a great young and talented person. It made me think of my friend Carl and how he had been so strong when everything happened to him, and how he has since earned a degree from Villanova  and getting a law degree, then I recently saw the video below that NBC put together about Margos story and was so happy to see she has been making so much positive progress and never letting her love for dance disappear.
Despite how tough it may be for us to see our friends like this, the only thing we can do is try to help in any way possible, sometimes through monitory donations, sometimes simply through an uplifting conversation, letter or even just a smile.
Jeffery Campbell recently designed a ballet flat inspired by Margo which raises money for her recovery and allows her life to continue to be changed through dance which are on sale now.
Their positivity, spirit and drive to recover is what allows these two to create miracles everyday and move further towards recovery.
donate to Carls foundation at
& contribute to Margos recovery at
or find out more about the Jeffery Campbell flats at 
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