Speaking: Kean University

Last week I had the chance to take part in a panel discussion via Skype for the design department at Kean University in New Jersey. Seeing the continued passion and support for advancing design by the University and its students was really great feeling.  Thanks to my good friend and constant inspiration, professor Jason Alejandro who put everything together and got a well rounded group of designers from all areas of design including Neil Adelantar, Rich Arnold, Mike Boos, Luis Guillen, Dilek Katgi and myself.

Its always nice to get to sit down with a group of peers and feed off of one another in a discussion, but to be able to do that while answering questions from the next generation of designers was a great opportunity.  I know what these kind of events did for me as a designer when I was coming up in terms of inspiration and direction and hope that we at least helped and inspired at least a little bit on this great night.  We spoke about, portfolio preparation, internships, freelance, stress, clients and got to see what the differences are from each of the designers on the panel. but in the end, it seemed to boil down to being creative, knowing the task at hand and approaching it creatively with what skills you are good at and be on “brand”.  So if you are submitting your portfolio to a pharma agency, you want it to appeal to them and their brand or work.  Never be afraid to fail or for someone to tell you no they arn’t going to hire you  just take their criticism as a positive and move on to the next one stronger than you were previously.  Be patient and learn the basics, even if you are planning on breaking the rules, learn them first so you can then break them with a meaning and reason and lastly, never stop learning.
Thanks to all the students and professionals that came out! Thanks to Kean University Design Dept, Jason Alejandro and Rose Gonnella for holding it down and hopefully  you took something positive away from the night!
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