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As a not only a product of public schooling and more importantly a product of public school arts programs I know the importance of the continual struggle to keep public school art programs in existence.  In New York City, between 2006 and 2010, funding for the arts was cut by a staggering eighty-five percent, just one of the countless cities across the country that have seen a drastic cut in funding for the arts.

As many people try to find a solution to keep these programs alive, the guys over at Public Supply have developed a collection of 5×8 notebooks and pencils that will be sold around the world and donate 25% of proceeds to arts education in America. Taking a similar model Toms shoes and many other brands with a donation based arm, Public Supply was started by a group of friends within the creative industries and will try to leverage the global creative industry to not only promote their cause but to be the catalysts to support the programs that are feeding the next generations of designers and creatives.

Using Donors Choose to locate schools with specific needs and directly take action to fill the funding gap, Public Supply has developed a system that allows you to go online to see exactly where your purchased helped out.

Keep up the good work PS and keep the arts alive in schools!

via: A continuous Lean

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