stepping away

I heard someone say “I don’t make New Years resolutions because i’m in control of everything in my life already. I do whatever I want everyday”
Initially I thought thats cool,, this guy is controlling his life, taking it in to his own hands..
but then I began to think about New Years resolutions and why people do them and began to see them in a new light. New Years resolutions get a bad wrap because they’re cliche, but the general idea of taking time to step away and look at how you are living to see if there is something you can do or change to either make your life or others more positive is a humbling and inspiring thing to do.
For a long time I was in the mindset of being in control of my life and that I did whatever I wanted every day as well. I would never make resolutions and just live day by day doing what I believed was rite.  But more recently I’ve began to believe that, weather its Jan 1st or the middle of the summer you need to  take time to step away, reflect and create goals or resolutions. People do it in different ways, weather its through resolutions, some like to write lists, others just keep it in their mind, some etch that shit in stone, but no matter what you do, setting goals, reflecting or setting resolutions no matter what time of the year can help you reach all of your goals in the long run.
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