Projects: James F. Goldstein for Buscemi

A few months ago I had the opportunity to go shoot the first release video for the Buscemi 1000MM alongside LAs own Atiba Jefferson.. Jon, Rob and I headed up into the Hills of Beverly to meet Atiba and the man him self, James Goldstein.  James Goldstein is to say the least, a man of mystery, most people couldn’t really tell you what he does or what his past consists of, most people don’t know why he dresses the way he does, or how he lives the life or an NBA superstar without ever having to pick up a basketball. But Rob seems to keep ending up in the same place as the man and made the connection that ended us up at what many people know as the Lebowski house, or in real life he Sheats Goldstein residence, the mans closet looks like the wardrobe of Zoolander, but he owns that shit, stands by it and is passionate about his clothing making for a great shoot and appropriate face of the Buscemi launch. I shot some video and snapped some of the stills below while Atiba shot the the portraits and promo photos and before we knew it we were done.  Enjoy.

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