TOMS Give Shop Los Angeles

am proud to announce that my latest project, The TOMS Give Shop, has officially opened in Los Angeles! TOMS teamed up with the good people at Kicks to open the TOMS Give Shop Larchmont which will carry a huge selection of TOMS as well as the new One for One product, TOMS eye wear!
This project was an absolute pleasure to work on. I worked with the crew at Woodsmithe to design and oversee the buildout of the shop. With a quick turnaround, we were under the gun from the start, but the people at TOMS and Kicks were all extremely easy to work with and we were able to get down to business quickly and efficiently.
I was able to get a little more hands on with this build out than I have in the past and have to say that it was a great experience to get back into the shop and cut some things up. The crew at Woodsmithe ran the project with superb organization which was key for the project to run smoothly and meet the launch date.

Without a true understanding of production process, the design process would have meant nothing.

Growing up around craftsmen, it means a lot to meet people that are truly dedicated to their craft. Nathanael at Woodsmithe has not only spent the time to master his craft but has even developed some custom treatments of his own that allow him to create looks that are unique to the Woodsmithe repertoire. While I have worked on other retail build outs, I have never worked with someone that embodies their craft the way that Nathanael does. As always the design process was enjoyable, but without a true understanding of production process, the design process would have meant nothing. Working with Nathanael, I was able to throw ideas out and have them analyzed by someone that can not only see the creative aspect but then break it down and and create a technical execution quickly and properly. Its craftsmen like this that allow for ideas to become reality.

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