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Living in downtown Los Angeles gives you endless opportunity when it comes to sourcing for anything in fashion. From fabric, buttons and finishes to sewing, pattern making, showrooms and equipment, you don’t really need to leave downtown to create anything you can think of with fabric.
Although you are surrounded by all of these resources, it can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning because most of the buildings are tall, dark and not very visually welcoming, so it take time to search and find where the real good stuff is hidden. Sometimes its rite next door, other times its hidden down a back ally and threw a few doors, but when you find the rite sources, it makes the search worth it.

“you don’t really need to leave downtown to create anything you can think of with fabric.”

I enjoy taking walks around downtown and asking different people who they recommend for different sources. It helps out with sourcing, but I also get to meet people that I normally would never have.
Meet Saeed, he has been in business for over 40 years selling fabric at his store on South Wall Street in downtown Los Angeles and has seen the ups and downs of the textile industry over the years. I met Saeed yesterday while sourcing a fabrics for a few up coming projects. Saeed works by himself moving rolls of fabric and making deals while keeping a positive outlook on business and has a truly contagious positive energy. Its always a pleasure to meet people like him who continue to enjoy life and spread good energy!

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