Art: Swoon, Los Angeles

I came across this piece by Swoon the other day while walking around the arts district.
Growing up, street art was a big influence on my development as an artist. Living in the suburbs of New Jersey, a short train ride to New York City, these artists were like myths. You would see their work in books, then see their work when you were in the city but never know much about them or actually see them. Artists like Futura (NY) Kaws (NJ) Space Invader (FR) D* Face (ENG) Banksy (ENG) Paul Insect and Swoon (NY) were a few of my favorite. I was always more attracted to the concepts and creativity of platform and medium than the actual art.  

These artists were as influential on me as Warhol or Basquiat because of their relevancy and presence in my young life..

  Now that im in Los Angeles, I am beginning to see a lot more street art again and it brings back a lot of memories. You see artists work from all over the world on the streets here and see new work almost daily depending on the part of town you are in.


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