Art In The Streets

I took a trip over to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles with Atlanta’s own Greg Mike to check out the Art in the Streets exhibition.  I met Mr. Mike while living in Atlanta and did some work with him and the ABV crew rite before I moved west. Greg has been making his mark on the art scene in Atlanta and beyond with his gallery which is bringing new artists to Atlanta every month as well as his own personal work which has shown through out the country over the last few years. Knowing he was in town, i figured it was only fitting that we hit up the MOCA exhibit.

If you have been involved in anything that has to do with art, street culture, fashion, design, or simply life, chances are you have seen a blog post or 2 about this exhibit over the last few months.  Because of this i am not going to write about the exhibit.
As we left Greg asked what I thought if the exhibit and I didn’t have much to say. While it was good great to see the evolution of street art with an in depth history of its roots and a collection of art by artists that have influenced both of us growing up, the conversation quickly turned to asking “where does it go from here?”
Street art embodies the cultural defiance of artist and rebellion of the streets. It was never being made to sit on the walls of a gallery let alone one of the biggest museums in the world.  So does this take the defiance out of street art? Does it “Candy Coat” it? or does it make the stakes that much higher for the artists doing it, knowing that worldly success could be the end result?
As more and more cities crack down on graffiti, surveillance cameras seem to be everywhere and the internet gives people the ability to find out anything you want, how will street art evolve?  Creativity will play an even bigger part in things like the media that is used and the way messages and art are displayed. Street artists of the past were mysterious unknown figures that moved in the shadows, but now they are world renown artists that people want to know. With these factors playing a roll in the way street artists go about creating and displaying their work, running in the “shadows” isnt as easy as it once was.
Knowing that street artists have always creatively defied the odds and evolve every time society tries to stop them, i have no doubt that street art will continue, and am interested to see the ways that street artists of the future continue to evolve an art form that has no rules.
P.S. Thanks to Banksy for the free admission.
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