I took a trip to check in with some of my friends over at Harris Publications, home to all of your favorite magazines.
First I stopped by to see my new friend Melissa over at SLAM magazine. Melissa continues to hold is down as creative director of SLAM pumping out an issue a month while keeping her sanity. SLAM is one of the few independent sports magazines that continuously pushes the envelope of design while covering unique stories and staying true to the game. Check out the up coming issues to see some or my work as I start working with the SLAM team on some good stuff.

While in the building I stopped by to see my old friend Jenni over at Antenna. Jenni was one of the first people to really connect with the Jamie Marx line a few years ago and continues to show love. Jenni and her team have done an amazing job running Antenna over the years, continuing to evolve a magazine that seems to truly have no rules while setting the bar as purveyors of all things cool.

Both Melissa and Jenni continue to inspire me every time I speak with them. These two continue to help their respective magazines not only run smoothly, but keep their quality and consistency at the top of their individual fields.

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