BBC Ice Cream

After running into them a few times throughout my trip, I decided to stop in to see my new friends over at the BBC Ice Cream office before I left New York.. Its always cool to see how different companies run and who is behind motherboard piloting the ship. My guys Phillip and Loic Showed me around the office and gave me the run down on whats in store for the future of BBC as they move into a new era.

BBC has been one of the few clothing lines that has really stayed true to who their accounts are and stuck to the core doors that they opened from the beginning while continuing to really grow as brand and expand the line. While this is always the “cool” thing to do, a brand can quickly hit a ceiling simply because there are not enough “cool” or “influencer” doors to sustain a brands growth. This usually results in a brand flopping because as a brand grows, naturally its operational costs grow as well, but while growth of a brand demands more revenue to be generated, often time the small orders from these influencer doors arnt large enough to sustain the brand. So brands often time flop or need to turn to other accounts outside its initial scope to sustain its growth. BBC has done a great job at holding its position and its always interesting to see how they continue to evolve.



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