Peters Mountain Works

At trade shows you meet a lot of people. At Capsule you meet a lot of cool people. Usually cool people doing cool things. This year I got to meet some really good people from all over the world, Japan, LA, NYC, Portland and Woodstock, NY. where one of my favorites comes from, Peters Mountain Works.
Peters Mountain Works is coming out with their first full line of bags after debuting their first collection with Opening Ceremony. Dont be fooled, Peters Mountain Works comes from the same brain behind one of the original messenger bag brands which took off leaving Peters Mountain Works on the shelf until now, so they have a long history of knowledge and success behind them.. The bags are beyond durable and manufactured in their own facility rite in Woodstock, NY..
Thanks to Asa for giving me the run down on the brand and hooking me up with some bags! Im really excited to see what the future holds for Peter Mountain Works and their whole crew.  Find out more about Peters Mountain Works at their site Here
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  1. Your link above, ” Find out more about Peters Mountain Works at their site Here” takes you to a Japanese site.

    • Jack,
      I just spoke with them, their site has been taken down for the time being while they work on a new one.. They have a strong presence in Japan and have been re-directed to a JP site for now.. if you would like to contact them you can reach them at

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