Rose Bowl

Since I arrived in Los Angeles people have been mentioning the Rose Bowl flea market. After hearing that it was going on this weekend, A few friends and I decided to take the plunge and find out what its all about.  Looking at the map before going definitely set the stage as it showed us a glimpse at the size of this extravaganza.  Going in I knew I had to set my sights on one specific thing and glad I did otherwise I would have been entirely in over my head. I chose watches.

I wanted to go in and see what I could find without spending to much.. sifting through all the other good stuff from clothing and shoes to photographs and old military goods, I tried to keep my self focused and came home with some decent little pieces.  6 watches for $50 roughly..  While there were some really great pieces on the higher end, I wanted to find something that would need a little loving and allow me to start working on watches a bit more, so i picked up 2 faces and 4 watches ranging from Timex to Bulova to touch up and play with..   All in all, I would say it was a successful day, plus I got to meet the good ol’ Mr. Brainwash!

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