If you are ever in Mexico City and feel like doing a little shopping at a good store with some really good people make your way over to Head Quarter.

When I started Jamie Marx, I made a list of accounts that were the ideal place for the line, Head Quarter was one of the first on the list.
It’s only taken me 3 trips to Mexico to finally get to Head Quarter, but the first trip it was thanks to them that I finally tracked down the Kaws Dos Equis bottles on my last day in MX..

Head Quarter has an extremely selective group of brands that sets it apart from a lot of other stores. With brands like Original Fake, Comme de Garçon, BBC, Stussy and Medicom upstairs and skate brands like HUF, Vans, Alien Workshop and hardware downstairs Head Quarter caters to both the skater and premium street wear customer.
Find out more about HQ at their site HERE

Colima 244
Planta Alta Col. Roma
Mexico DF
Tele: 55111238

Original Fake
Comme de Garçon


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