Tattoo: Invisible NYC


A few times a week I get asked where I got my tattoo. I only have one tattoo, but when people see it or find out I have it they always want to know where I got it. About 5 years ago, I started doing research about good shops in NYC and ultimately took a trip in to meet with the guys at Invisible NYC. I went in with an idea and a design, but when I saw the work of Regino Gonzalez, I set up my appointment and went back to the drawing board to design something along with his guidance. 5 years later, when people ask, I always say if you go to a place in NYC, go to Invisible.

Its important to find an artist that does the type of work you are looking for. I originally went to try and get work done by Troy Denning, but when I spoke to the shop manager, we agreed that Regino was the guy for the job. The lines are still crisp, the detail is still there and color is still dark.

So when I came across this piece as part of 3sixteens Singularities project directed by Kellen Dengler. I had to share it to give everyone a little insight to the Invisible NYC crew.

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